What is yoga?

Yoga is the intentional act of plugging in; it's awareness and self-empowerment. When we plug in, we ignite a flow of energy. We tap into wisdom and authenticity. Yoga is the consistent, focused practice of connecting with the highest Self.

Conversations on Yoga

Conversations on Yoga is an on-going series that taps into perspectives on how and why we use this ancient spiritual practice in our daily lives.


As creator of Humanitou Yoga, Adam Williams publishes yoga-related writing to clarify his spiritual practice and what he offers as a teacher.

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I teach yoga weekly at Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs. View upcoming offerings and register in advance.

The Latest

Off the Mat: Conversations + Contemplations

What Is Masculinity?

What is masculinity? How do you define it? For yourself, let alone for us as a culture. It’s a topic increasingly receiving examination. From me and others. In my Humanitou conversations — an ongoing social art Read more…

How Yoga?

How we practice is what we practice. ~ Jessica Patterson I teach my sons that how and why we do things are at least as important as what we do. I teach them that life Read more…

Why Yoga, Really?

So often we go through our daily routines on autopilot. Status quo. Just another day. We’ve been trained, collectively, not to ask why and just to follow the leader. In school, religion, work. Of parents, Read more…

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at Root Center for Yoga & Sacred Studies, at 617 N. 17th St. in Colorado Springs. I teach weekly. Root's full schedule of offerings is available at rootdownandgrow.com.

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