Humanitou Yoga is about connection through conversations with yogis, contemplations on living yoga, and teaching on and off the mat. 

Conversations on Yoga is an on-going series that taps into perspectives on how and why we use this ancient spiritual practice in our lives. As yoga is a lens these yogis use throughout the broad scope of their lives, we also expand the conversation to see how they apply their practice off the mat in daily living.

There are some amazing things that have happened as a result of yoga’s arrival and expansion in the West. It’s a gateway. It’s a gateway to something much, much more for those who are ready to embrace that step. Many will choose not to, and that’s all right. ~ Chris Dwyer

Humanitou Yoga also is the online space where Adam Williams shares his off-the-mat yoga practice and teaching. Contemplations and dharma talks from his experience of yoga, and for sharing through teaching weekly meditation and asana classes at Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs, are published regularly on the blog.


About Adam

“If you can define what yoga is to you, then whatever you do will be in the service of yoga.” ~ Jessica Patterson, Owner / Director of Root Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies


To know what yoga is to me helps me to understand why I teach. That helps me to understand how I teach, and what its relevance is on and off the mat.

I define yoga as the practice of plugging in.

When we plug in, we connect. We ignite a flow of energy. We bring light to the dark. We tap into truth and wisdom. Yoga is focused action; it’s intentional awareness.

When we plug in, we each connect with our best Self, our wholeness, our authenticity. We value strength in our softness. We plug into each other’s worth and realize our oneness.

This is yoga to me. Realizing your answer to “What is yoga?” can be an empowering moment of clarity. That in itself is an experience of yoga.

Jessica Patterson is my primary yoga teacher. I also learn a great deal from my own direct and daily experience with yoga on and off the mat.

And then there are my two young sons, the greatest teachers of mine for the ways they highlight my need to breathe, to let go of my ego, … to keep practicing. Informal but true teachers surround us.

My formal training, however, began with Jessica during 32 weeks of the intensive RootEd program she developed and teaches. I followed that deep-dive with another 12 weeks of formal apprenticeship with her.

On the mat, I practice and teach yoga through brief dharma talks, asana and meditation, mudra (sacred gesture) and mantra (sacred sound).

Off the mat, I practice yoga in connection to nature, and in creativity as a poet, photographer and writer. I share that work via my sites: Humanitou and Humanitou Yoga. I also serve as co-coordinator of Rooted in Seva, the donation-based classes at Root.

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