Anxiety. It’s created by trying to live forward into the future and resolve the not-yet known, the not-yet experienced. And why?

To make it less scary? To make life a safe, super-safe adventure?

If I worry over my future opportunities as a creator, a yogi and a teacher, then I lose focus on the purpose of those experiences: practice and growth.

One can only grow by being who s/he is now, by putting down a stake at this present time of being who s/he is. Without that marker, one will not be able to look back and see the progress.

The only way to have progress is to accept where we are and move forward from that point. To produce, practice, create, try, fail, succeed, fail … and learn.

If I am who I was a month, year, decade ago, I am not risking enough, failing enough, learning and transforming enough. I am not growing.

And simply in the acts, the process, the practicing one day at a time, one moment at a time, we create the ripples of progress, of growth, and of our future the only way we can with authenticity and truth.

Focusing on the now is the antidote to anxiety about nows yet to come.

unsplash-logoDavid Werbrouck