One of the many things yoga is about is remembering our innate wholeness, even or especially, amid what we perceive as our brokenness.

In recognizing our wholeness, we tap into compassion for self; we tap into higher Self. Then we more easily can expand our sense of compassion for others.

One way I practice that is during meditation. I recite/chant the mantra so ham (I am). I am enough, despite the ways I beat myself up for being human.

After I feel into that natural permission to love myself, I continue my meditation, focusing on others.

I visualize each member of my household one by one — wife and two sons — and remind myself that s/he is whole. S/he is enough. I visualize hugging each, loving each.

And it’s possible, even likely, I’ll feel frustrated with my sons again soon. I might even lose my cool. I’ll feel bad about it. I’ll feel like a fraud as a yogi.

And that’s why yoga is a practice. The wholeness is innate; remembering and making that higher Self the go-to self takes constant work.

unsplash-logoZac Durant