Random capitalization used to bother me (and might still). So, when I write Self with a capital “S” in yoga posts on this site or social media, I think of the fellow writers and word-lovers who might snag on that seemingly over-sized and thoughtless S.

I assure you it’s anything but. There is intention, relevance and meaning behind the Self in yoga.

Little-“s” self. The little-“s” self refers to ego. It is talking about our monkey mind that drives our anxious thoughts and cycles of doubt. It’s our lesser selves. It’s the lens we’re looking through when we feel so disconnected from the good in ourselves and others.

Big-“s” Self. The big-“s” Self is authentic, divine, true light and positive energy. It’s who we are under the layers of societal training. It’s our higher Self.

The Self is who we really are when we burn away the labels and shoulds we’re taught to cling to, the ideas of who we should be, and how we should act, think, love, compete, and rage against ourselves and each other.

That Self is your spiritual heart and truth. So, when you see Self in yoga posts on this site or on @humanitouyoga posts on Instagram, it is relevant.

It is written with intention and meaning.